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23 Dec

Here’s today’s lovely little find. Merry Christmas! Even if you don’t celebrate it, know that I wish you well!

Jerrye's Blog

Reaching Back In Time

Reaching back in time, there’s so much to be said~for the memories that are triggered by a song, a voice, a smell or tasteeach stored within our heads

The season we call Christmas~is celebrated with family and friends in a place we lovingly call homeWhere memories were made and through them even those who are gone from our lives will in our hearts liveon.

When we were young, we were always looking aheadcouldn’t wait ‘til our birthday or Christmas for the gifts we would receiveOr when we were youngcouldn’t wait until we were 18 or 21 because everything would be perfect, so we believed.

But the older folks seemed to live in the pastthey were always telling their stories of happenings long agoDon’t get me…

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Today We Mourn – Diane Ravitch

22 Dec

Today’s lovely little find: a Newtown tribute post by a blogger who found out that one of her twitter followers was the principal of the school.

Keep praying for the people of Newtown and our nation. ~ JLB

Today We Mourn

“Last night I got an email informing me, ‘you lost a follower.’ That’s when I found out that Dawn Hochsprung followed me on Twitter; she followed only 70 people.”

21 Dec

This is today’s lovely little find.
It’s now been two weeks; keep praying for the friends and family in Newtown, CT.


A New Look and a New Section!

20 Dec

I thought it was time for a change (what do you think of the new colors & layout?). I’m looking forward to the new year! How about you? What are some highlights in your life from 2012? I hope you enjoy this wonderful season!

Check out the latest addition to BetweenAsleepAndAwake:

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Comments are welcome and appreciated. :)

~ Jen xo

Bak’tuns and More Bak’tuns

20 Dec

Very interesting! I don’t completely understand it, but it’s worth a share on “End-of-the-World Eve,” even though I’m still looking forward to Christmas with my family. Be blessed!

Maya Decipherment

by David Stuart

As many know, the upcoming completion of the 13th bak’tun on December 21 is represented in the Maya Long Count as It’s an important day in the Maya calendar, to be sure, but not the End of Times of course. The Maya never once said anything of the kind. Nor is the approaching day even the end of the bak’tun cycle, as it has often been described — that idea comes from an old and outdated conceptualization of Maya time. Here I’d like to explain a bit of the actual structure of the bak’tun calendar as we presently understand it, summarizing the work of a number of scholars as well as a few points I made in my 2011 book The Order of Days.

This upcoming date is a repetition of the “base” of the system which fell in 3114 BCE, also represented as…

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20 Dec

Beautiful poetry for today.

Dealing In The Face of Loss and Sorrow

20 Dec

Debra Kristi's Blog

Friday was a day of tears and solace. Not just for our nation, but across the world. Too many lives were touched by violence, here in Connecticut and overseas in China. There are no words that can heal, but we can help through prayer and action.

Lives are far too precious to be lost to meaningless crimes we can’t even begin to comprehend. I think Rhonda Hopkins put it beautifully and I’m not going to try to copy her words. I suggest you visit her post – God is not dead nor doth He sleep. Sometimes times horrible things happen, and how we deal and help other through will define us.

A year ago I posted about coping with grief at the holidays. I think now more than ever is the time to revisit that post. If you or anyone you know has experienced a loss and is trying…

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