2 Apr

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The Block Party No #Writer Wants To Go To

25 Feb

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We’ve all been to this neighborhood: Writer’s Block. It’s not even close to being a party. Check out this interesting article for ways to move forward with your writing, regardless of how you are feeling. Please share which tricks and tips have worked for you!

Stuck or blocked? How to keep writing anyway.


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A definition of ‘hobbit’ for the OED | OxfordWords blog

22 Feb

A completely random post for this Friday:

A definition of ‘hobbit’ for the OED | OxfordWords blog.



Matamata, La Comarca en la película de El Seño...



Does Air Exist?: Pride and the Power Trip

21 Feb

Today, I’m featuring my friend Suzi’s blog. Her post from earlier this month, Does Air Exist?: Pride and the Power Trip, is a good reminder for all.

Thanks, Suzi!


20 Feb

Good advice from a fellow writer. ~ JLB


No, turn off the seventies porn boom chicka wow wow track playing in your head.  I’m talking about writing.  Specifically, I’m talking about relating to your subject matter and getting words on the page.

There are days when the muse is on your shoulder, and you know exactly what should happen in your narrative and what your characters will do and say.  The words flow, and you plan your Pulitzer acceptance speech.  I had one of those days…once.  When it comes to writing, I am a grinder.  I stare at the screen.  I reread what I’ve written.  I stare some more.  I have learned the discipline to keep my ass on the seat, but the words, they don’t come easy. 

My current novel is set almost exclusively on the Appalachian Trail.  A couple years ago I hiked about six hundred miles of it.  I know the trail.  However, sitting in…

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Staring Out the Window: Editing: Nothing to Cry About

20 Feb

Today, I’m featuring a great post from my friend Kelly’s blog. If you’re a writer or an editor, you’ll love it! Be sure to leave a note to let her know you stopped by. :)

Staring Out the Window: Editing: Nothing to Cry About.

~ JLBEnglish: Hands collaborating in co-writing or ...

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