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SNHU Faculty…

20 Dec


So, I receive my graduate degree in a couple weeks.  I was thinking tonight about the demanding, rigorous, difficult, labor intensive, and utterly amazing experience I’ve had the past two years.  I was fortunate to be in an amazing program at SNHU.  My “job” was to write a book.  It was exhaustive and challenging, but today I have a book.  It needs another thorough scrub or two before I start shopping it, but it has been vetted by some of the most brilliant writers and teachers I can even imagine.

This is my homage to some of the amazing faculty of Southern New Hampshire University’s MFA program.  Some I only was able to have amazing conversations with.  Some enlightened me in workshops.  A few were my mentors, and they bled with me and imparted knowledge through every word and sentence.

Katie Towler, your ability to bring a setting to life leaves…

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