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The Block Party No #Writer Wants To Go To

25 Feb

lolcat of blocked user

We’ve all been to this neighborhood: Writer’s Block. It’s not even close to being a party. Check out this interesting article for ways to move forward with your writing, regardless of how you are feeling. Please share which tricks and tips have worked for you!

Stuck or blocked? How to keep writing anyway.


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Does Air Exist?: Pride and the Power Trip

21 Feb

Today, I’m featuring my friend Suzi’s blog. Her post from earlier this month, Does Air Exist?: Pride and the Power Trip, is a good reminder for all.

Thanks, Suzi!


A Random Poetry Experience

19 Feb

My Impressions of Three Poets Writing Three Different Styles While Relating To My Life Experiences.

Poems are like members of the opposite sex, often complicated, yet
Relatable, when you think carefully
How we’re really all the same inside our covers
Different environments and varying lifestyles and societal norms based
On gender
Yet the same human feelings, of
Love and jealousy, hope and despair
Too many to count all, at one sitting

Thinking of that makes me happy; I appreciate these strange works
Of art, which are transient and livingMimosa
Unlike journalism,
Cold and indifferent to the human condition.

Sipping a mimosa reading Husband by Miller Williams, I thought
How it helps to have a prop, drinking with the character, although it was
Sunny then and not at all the
Nighttime rejection and deception described.
The poem is my comfort zone, all the breaks
At the end of the line.
I am branching out, trying new things by
Suggestions of others more experienced than I.
This is my third favorite, not least favorite, I say, because it is still a good poem
Easily relatable, yet a little too easy — a challenge would be welcomed.

Picking up Recuerdo by Edna St. Vincent Millay, I think of Christmas, perhapsPortrait of Edna St. Vincent Millay (1933-01-14)
Because there is mention of a stable and also a fire
Not to mention the spirit of giving at the end,
But maybe also because of the Christmas music playing in the
A hint of what’s to come.
The end-rhyme is familiar and comforting
Like the tree in the corner with all its lights winking
And the cat, warm and soft in my lap.
I’m not sure why anyone would ride the ferry all night
Back and forth like a loom shuttle, a seemingly pointless affair.
Perhaps they had more mimosas than I.
I deem this poem my second choice, it’s
Young and adventurous
Full of fun and memories of youth.

Oh to soar among the clouds.
Or so I thought at first, now pleasantly surprised at the
Nostalgia I feel at the knowledge
Summer is long-gone and winter isG-190. The Swimming Hole (1884-85). Wallace is...
Peeking in through my windows.
I love the fact Greg Pape makes no mention of anticipating sex
Only seeming as well to be pleasantly surprised at his female companion’s
And enjoyment of nature in its simplest form
Seeking to contain
Only the memory, never the girl.

I’ve found my favorite, it’s abundant of treasures
Words pregnant with importance and delectable descriptions
Like a film you watch over and over, yet always
Finding something new.

That’s a Big Duck

13 Feb

Come check out my friend Natalie’s new blog. It’s called Roadsight Relics and here’s the first post: That’s a Big Duck.

Facebook & Me: Frienenemies

21 Sep

For all of you who don’t live under a rock (thank you GEICO), you’ve probably noticed that the Facebook layout has changed. Again. Not only once, but twice in a two-day period. Instead of an easy to read format (which you could view however you liked), they’ve now combined ‘top stories’ and ‘most recent’ activity. And added a ticker-like newsfeed (I call mine ‘mini-me,‘ but feel free to call it annoying if you like)  to the right hand sidebar. And lists! Lists galore! You can keep it simple, with lists for family and close friends, or you can make up lists such as “crazy exes” or “people I went to school with once but now can’t remember because they got married and didn’t include their maiden name.” I have to admit, the lists aren’t bad. I signed in last night to find those, and thought, ‘Hey a Facebook change that isn’t too bad!’.

This morning, however, was a different story. I should have known better. Blue tabs everywhere, and goodbye easy status updates! And we have the scrolling ticker that only an epileptic — insert sarcasm — could love.

I know change is inevitable in life, but do we really need to figure out a new Facebook every two months? What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it?

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