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Vampires of Suburbia

10 Mar

A poem to fit my mood today…


There are certain aspects of your life which
you cannot seem to escape from,
although you may push and pull at events
seemingly well within your control.

Somehow you ended up here, in this
dead-end career with no hope of moving
forward or up the “ladder of success”
to fully satiate your ambitious passions.

And you’ve been sucked dry by this vampire
as well as the one you call a sacred institution
which is meant to give life and bring life
not make you want to end your life.

Who else can take from you before
all you have inside is fully drained?
Like the gas tank of the SUV you drive
when you can’t afford the price set

by greedy throat-seeking, soulless, corporate
big shots with more money than anyone should
know how to spend. Yeah, that’s all the world needs:
More vampires running the show.


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