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Author Business Cards

7 Jun

Things I wish I knew before ordering my cards at Vistaprint. Next step: printing out my pitch on address labels to attach to the back of my cards, which thankfully do not feature a picture of a butterfly, puppy, or phallic-looking lighthouse.

Back to editing my book!



I’m going to go out on a limb and be riskily honest. When authors hand me business cards at conferences, I politely take them, glance down at them for the three seconds etiquette dictates, and then I never look at them again. I throw them out when I get home.

Hang on, hang on. Quit your outraged rabble-rabble and hear me out. Please. By throwing out an author’s business card, I’m not throwing them out. I just can’t remember who they are by that business card. It’s a generic-looking piece of cardstock with butterflies on it. Even though the author claims to write women’s fiction in which no butterflies are featured. I’m not calling that author’s cell. I’m not emailing her to see what’s up. And here’s the last nail in the business card’s coffin: there is only one reason I would need to be in contact with the author…

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Nature and Writing

12 Apr

Writers! Are you looking for a unique opportunity to further your skills and meet some new writing friends?D.R. Leo

Check out this new endeavor by my friend, Darren Rome Leo:  Nature and Writing. From the website, “Whether you’re a serious writer, a dabbler, just curious, or devoted to another medium, our workshops offer inspiration, motivation, and real tools to pursue your goals.  Expand your creativity, see the world with a new lens, and apply it to your craft.”

Also, please feel free to share any writing workshops, groups, or programs that you have found helpful.

Happy writing! – JLB


Shades of YA | Blog | Epic Reads | Your World. Your Books.

4 Apr

Very cool blog post!

Shades of YA | Blog | Epic Reads | Your World. Your Books..

Recommended Reads

5 Feb

Check out my Recommended Reads and leave comments with your own favorites!




5 Feb

So fitting for me this week, seeing as the first half of my manuscript is due next Tuesday. I have to get this thing into shape! – JLB



25 Jan

Today, I did something I thought I’d never need to do: I created a timeline of my protagonist‘s life. Well, not completely, but it was a start. Why did I do it? To understand her better. I only had half a picture of my girl’s current situation. She was angry, confused, lonely, and upset — and I didn’t know entirely why. I needed to know the story before The Story. Not to inundate readers with it, but for my benefit.

Sometimes the writer needs to get the whole story down in order to give the reader the best part.

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